Video 7

An oocyte undergoing spindle migration followed by first polar body extrusion and MII spindle positioning. The UtrCH-GFP (green) was used to label cortical changes during spindle migration. Kymograph of the UtrCH-GFP was provided as in Fig. S2 L. The video again shows that cytoplasmic streaming continues to the MII arrest stage to maintain the oocyte set of chromosomes/MII spindle in place close to the cortex. Frames are 11 min apart, and video length is 840 min. Bar, 20 µm.

Sequential actin-based pushing forces drive meiosis I chromosome migration and symmetry breaking in oocytes

Kexi Yi, Boris Rubinstein, Jay R. Unruh, Fengli Guo, Brian D. Slaughter, and Rong Li

DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201211068
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